Uber in Plans to Buy Nokia HERE Service for $3 Billion Bid


Uber is looking to find a way to minimize its reliance on Google Maps. As per a report, the taxi-booking app service has presented a bid to acquire Nokia’s HERE location based service.

Till date, Uber is the most valuable global tech startups. The firm depends a lot on Google Maps as it presents maps at the center of the service. The information is collected by the cabs that operate under it and a major portion of the maps, traffic details and navigation information used by Uber are sourced from Google. However, the firm also uses mapping data from Apple.


Right now, Uber is focusing to grow from a cab booking service to some sort of a logistics firm. For the same, Nokia’s mapping service might play a major role in helping the firm achieve its goals.

As per the report, HERE has over 80 percent of the global market share in the in-car navigation systems. The firm is shelling out several millions of dollars annually to update its maps.

Uber has provided $3 billion for Nokia’s HERE, but the other competing bids are from a group Germany based automobile makers such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW and an unidentified private equity firm. The details of the sale will be announced by Nokia sometime this month.

Source: The New York Times