TWRP recovery available for Samsung Galaxy J5 SM-J500F

The Samsung Galaxy J5 now has a TWRP recovery available for all your flashing needs, and it’s pretty simple to install too. All you need is Odin PC software, and the right TWRP file in .tar format.

TWRP is an incredible tool, one that allows you to create mirror copy of the current state of the device, and this backup could be used to restore the device back to its condition at the moment if something bad happens. There is perhaps no better tool to fix device easily than TWRP’s backup, the firmware installation apart.

Also, you need TWRP recovery to be able to install custom ROMs, and if a Android 6.0 ROM drops by, you can’t help but install TWRP recovery.

The current TWRP is confirmed to work on model no. SM-J500F (codename j5lte), but it should work on other global variants like J500H and J500G.

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Check our guide above to download and install the TWRP for Galaxy J5.

If you need any help, let us know.

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