Tweak Available for Correcting Auto Brightness Problem of HTC Desire with Cynogen Mod

Those running the cynogen mod on their HTC Desire and experiencing problems with auto adjustment of brightness would be happy to hear that a fix has been developed to tackle it. The light sensor is responsible to detect the level of light around the device and adjust the screen’s brightness accordingly. The fix tunes out the working between the light sensor and the screen brightness to bring the expected performance from the light sensor.

The fix requires window length to be adjusted — smaller length is more helpful for adjusting the screen brightness quickly in combination with a smaller reset threshold.

The tweak has been developed by the XDA member, sfjuocekr, who has also given his settings which users should apply to their phone to solve the brightness automatic adjustment problem.

For more details, queries, how to, user opinions and discussions, head over to thread tat XDA forums.


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