[TUTORIAL] How To Flash a Firmware Using Flashtool on Xperia Arc

Required files:

FlashtoolDownload link

Firmwares — Download the “.ftf” firmware file for your phone. Below are the links:

Android 2.3.4    [4.0.2.A.0.62]

Warning: Warranty may be void of your device if you follow the procedures given on this page. You only are responsible for your device. We wont be liable if any damage occurs to your device and/or its components.

Video instructions:

[youtube video_id=”JmmThXTWu74″ width=”630″ height=”400″ /]


  1. Switch off your phone and put it aside.
  2. Extract the “FlashTool_x.x.x.x.exe” file on your PC (you can just double click on it to extract)
  3. Few files and folders will be extracted — the two which we’ll be using are the ‘drivers‘ folder and the ‘firmwares‘ folder.
  4. Inside the ‘drivers‘ folder there’s a file named “ggsetup-”, double click on this file to install the proper driver on your PC.
  5. Now copy the “.ftf” firmware file that you downloaded for your phone, and paste it inside the “firmwares” folder.
  6. Double click the “X10FlashTool.exe” file.
  7. Once the program opens — click on the “Flash” button.
  8. You’ll see the firmware that you copied in Step 5 loaded on the screen — click “Ok”!
  9. Now it should ask you to connect your phone to the PC. So first plug the USB cable to PC, then pick up your phone and hold the “Back” key (key at the bottom left on your Arc), and then connect the USB cable to your phone. Remember you’ve to hold the “Back” key while connecting the USB cable to phone.
  10. Once the phone gets connected — Flashtool will automatically start the flashing process.
  11. Keep an eye on the Flashtool’s screen.
  12. And once the process gets finished, disconnect your phone from PC and switch it ON.
  13. Don’t freak if it takes longer to boot (that’s normal)  as the phone has to build the cache again after flashing.


Many thanks to the XDA Developer community for firmwares.

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  • Dj-devastation

    hello will this unlock you mobile 

    • No it won’t.

      Follow this guide to unlock your phone — https://www.theandroidsoul.com/how-to-unlock-bootloader-xperia-arc-play-neo-pro/

  • Le Jordan

    Hi, i flashed my arc but now i cant send / receive calls but full signal is shown. Any ideas? Cheers

    • Which firmware you flashed?

      • Le Jordan

        It was locked on orange so i got my 02 sim card unlock and it worked fine but i wanted to flash it to improve speed etc but now cant send / receive calls. the phone is android version 2.3.3 and i have tried flashing with UK generic / Global generic / 02 Branded but with no success!

  • frendy

    okay it works! thankyou sooo much ! 😀

    but can sumone tellme the differences between the branded thing?

    im at Indonesia, which one shud i choose then??


    • I think you should choose the Global firmware..

      To confirm, do the following:Go to Settings → About phone → and check if your baseband version is this → 7X30A-AAABQMAZM-1290_21-22.
      If yes, then definitely go for the the Global firmware.

      • frendy

        yup, thanks for the fast answer 😀

  • I think you should choose the Global firmware..

    To confirm, do the following:
    Go to Settings → About phone → and check if your baseband version is this → 7X30A-AAABQMAZM-1290_21-22.If yes, then definitely go for the the Global firmware.

  • muhammet

    hi ı have problem with my xperia arc. ı’m trying to flash using flashtool but when ı look the firmware content in the flashtool program there is only one file is simlock.ta file.and when ı look up in video ı’m seeing a lot of file in the firmware content.due to this ı cant flashh my phone tanks from now

  • help me

    “Don’t freak if it takes longer to boot (that’s normal)  as the phone has to build the cache again after flashing.” 
    can i know how much time? hours??

    • No — not hours. It shouldn’t take more than 15-20 mins.

  • kk

    I tried many times but the same error message appeared on the while in the flashtool box – Please install or reinstall drivers.Please help. Thanks.

    • Open the “drivers” folder after you extract flashtool. There’ll be a setup file in there to install the drivers.

      Hope that helps 🙂

  • tan

    can this use for xperia play?

  • tan


  • tan

    and one more question after i flash done i open my phone but just got light for 10sec then turn to black edi why?

    • Buddy these firmwares are for Xperia Arc only. So if you’ve flashed any of these firmwares onto your Xperia Play, it most certainly won’t boot.

  • tan

    it most certainly won’t boot.mean what? my phone died?

  • tan

    shivam what can i do now i cannot on my phone

    • Yes I’m looking for a compatible ROM for your phone..

  • tan

    help my phone…i very scare and want cry edi my new phone T.T

    • Okay download the firmware from this link — http://www.multiupload.com/U6XELL1KFV

      You’ll get a .rar file, extract it, and you’ll get .ftf firmware file, put that firmware file in the “firmwares” folder and flash it.

      Let me know if it solves your problem 🙂

  • tan

    should that Xperia_Play_Release_Generic_UK.ftf can save me?

  • tan

    R800i_4.0.A.2.368_World.rar is 2.3.3 android version?and can i have ur msn 

  • tan

    anyware thx i fix the problem edi

    • Oh great you got it all fixed. Cheers.
      And sorry I don’t have MSN, but you can have my gtalk (if you still need it). Okay 🙂

      • Mustafa

        hello shivam i have a problem plz help i was updating my experia arc by phone and after it download my phone wouldn’t switch on and also when i connect it to the computer no light would show up plz help me

  • tan

    haha…i face the other problem -.-…after root how to download free app…

  • Moustafa Ghanem

    hi guys, I rooted my device accidently before flashing, and now it is not working just showing sony ericsson logo and never change, I tried to re-lock the bootloader, but nothing happened, what to do ?

  • H_n_h93

    THANK YOUUUUUUUUU SO MUCH!!! worked perfectly<3

  • Aghnan

    could you help me please. I’d unlocked the bootloader. When I wanted to flash it, this things kept saying “Please install or reinstall device drivers from drivers folder” on my flash tool. What should I do?

    • Aghnan

      it just worked out! It was an order since the beginning. Fool me-___-. I’m sorry for bothering you guys:)

      • No probe — happens with everyone, I guess 😉

      • No buddy you didn’t bothered us 😉
        Anyway, glad it worked for you 🙂

  • Jaccodevrij

    please help me, flashtool says flashing aborted, i’m slightly panicked right now, please help

  • Jaccodevrij

    I’ll be clear, i have followed all the steps and when i started te flash the flashtool said :
    Flashing adsp.sin
    Error – Error flashing. Aborted

    and my phone does not boot right now, can someone pleease help me

    • This is for Xperia Arc only, so I hope you tried it on an Arc only.

      Anyway, you should try again because normally it doesn’t happen. And make sure your USB cable isn’t loose.

      • Jaccodevrij

        Yes, I do have an Xperia Arc. I’ve tried several times, first two times it  stopt after flashing fona1 and now it starts with flashing loader and than stops after flashing adsp. This is what it shows:

        • This is really strange, try updating your phone through the ‘Sony Ericsson PC Companion’ software. It may help.

          Remember PC Companion software might not be able to update your phone if your phone’s boot loader is unlocked, so you’ll have to re-lock the boot loader to get PC Companion to work on your phone.

          BTW, I’d suggest you to not play with your phone anymore and take it to Sony Ericsson service center.

          • Jaccodevrij

            Thank you, i’m going to try this, I did unlocked the bootloader indeed. So it won’t update through PC companion. When my phone lives again, i’ll never try anything anymore haha. I’ll let you know if it worked 😉

          • Jaccodevrij

            So i re-locked it but PC companion says i should reboot my phone and connect again !?

          • Damn.
            Try Flashtool 2.9.x and re-installing drivers, man this is getting nuts.

          • Jaccodevrij

            I did, first tried to flash tje firmware again. This didn’t work and after that i re-locked the bootloaders, which worked (!) But now PC Companion says the same as before, with unlocked bootloaders. Isn’t there something like a total reset? I don’t necessarily need a rooted phone, I just want one that works 🙁

          • mehran

            please share files again
            files isnot there

        • Hey wait. It might be possible that your firmware file is corrupted. I think you should download the firmware again. I’m providing you a different download link below, it’s a ‘.rar’ file so you’ll have to extract the file first to get the ‘.ftf’ firmware file that will be used with flashtool, alright.

          So below is the download link:


          While you can use any program to extract ‘.rar’ file, I’d recommend you to use ‘7-zip’. It’s free and works perfect.

          • Jaccodevrij

            I have tried this now, it’s not exactly what i was hoping for. I now says this:

          • Jaccodevrij

            BTW i’m using FlashTool 3.0.0

          • Try using the version of Flashtool that I’ve provided in this post. Also re-install the drivers, if it helps.

            And I’ve written a guide on how to re-lock the boot loader also, so try re-locking and then try updating through PC Companion. Search this site for “re-lock Xperia Arc boot loader” to find the guide.

          • Mr Ng

            may i know how to re install the driver? I tried several time but i cant get my reflash done

  • nasser

    hey i dit evrything you said but when i try to start the phone after im dun installing the phone dosent start the green light just blinks

  • nasser

    befoor i installd this my phone got bricked through OTA update and it died can you help me shivam

  • trunghq

    it’s work thanks!

  • Possession

    shivan i have the same problem like Jaccodevrij and i can’t solve it…there’s a way that you can help us? 🙁

  • Possession

    always try to flahs the firmware and the error is the same..at the part of the system 🙁 i’m getting no hope 🙁

    • I really have no solution for your problem 🙁
      But I’ll let u know if I find anything 🙂

  • Dr. A. Rupasinghe

    I followed all the steps, got everything working fine, flashed and rooted. thanks . shivam. Thanks for helping sonyericsson out.

  • Krystian S

    can someone post link to 2.3.4 UK version firmvare please

  • Jonster222

    hey guys. i have a problem using the flash tool…
    everytime i want to flash the prgram says that i should connect the phone in flash mode… i habe installed the driver program and the light at the site s blue… i use cyanogenmod and i can flash a boot image with fastboot… whats my problem??
    THX for answeres

    • I think you’re pressing the wrong key, press the ‘back’ key when you connect to flashtool. It will work.

      The blue light appears when you press the ‘Menu’ key and it gets the phone in bootloader mode, which we don’t want when working with flashtool.

      So press the ‘Back’ key 🙂

      • Jonster222

        oh damn. im so ashamed thad i cant read….-,- THX so much
        im to stupid:-)

        • Lol it’s okay, mistakes happen 😉

  • Saleemkormath

    After flashing My Arc cannot connect to wifi (n). It does not even see any wifi signals. I hold the devise practically on top of the router but no signal on Arc. My other devises such as laptop and another mobile can see and connect to the router just fine !!!

  • Lothario

    i can’t run x10flasher.exe, keeps giving me java error, though jre 7 is installed on my pc & i defined it’s path, please help, my phone is stuck on boot screen 🙁

  • Jufz

    Special Thanks … It’s fine and perfect …

  • krishnam

    hey i have a error in flashtool while am upgradeing my xperia x10…error loading file,i have alrdy rooted my mble…nw i want it to upgrade it to android 4.0…plz help me

  • Asad Sial

    hey android soul team.
    i tried upgrading my arc to a newer firmware but it FAILED. i was using the rooted LT15i_4.0.1.A.0.283_Generic_Global as posted on this site. then i tried fixing it by using the SEUS. it downloaded and completed the update successfully but my phone still wont start. then i came by this thread. there were some problems in downloading the .ftf file link given in this thread (i could not find the .ftf file in the extracted files). i downloaded another firmware (4.0.A.2.368) from the XDA forums and tried to flash it as instructed here. the flash was completed successfully but my phone still doesnt start. when i press the power button the green light flashes for a second then goes off and this keeps on happening. nothing on the screen.. please help me out. tell me what to do. awaiting reply anxiously 🙁

    • Try flashing this firmware [4.0.2.A.0.42] → Download link
      AND use the latest Flashtool version → Download link
      Hope it helps 🙂

      • Anilreddy

         can u post img of firmware [4.0.2.A.0.42] for rooting phone

    • fixed the download links in my comment below 🙂

  • Ivan

    Ty for tutorial, you saved me 🙂

  • Sharpz_4400

    hey my xperia play was working fine after i rooted and flashed to us 2.3.3 generic fw so i can get the 2.3.4 update which worked fine until, like an idiot, i did factory data reset. after that the home button doesn’t work, can’t recieve incoming calls, when I hold down the power button i only get two options (power off and screenshot). I fixed this problem before but i can’t remember. PPPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSSSS hellp

  • Nick

    thnx a million…. you guys are really doing a good job.. it took some time for me to fix it.. but then finally got this website and my DEAD BRICKED SONY XPERIA ARC is back in business again.. Thanks again.

  • Satish

    Hi Kapil, in the step 9 we need to hold and press Volume down button for xperia ray. u00a0please correct it.

  • Goofy_ali

    does this unlock your phone as well?

  • Mrabhijeetdesai

    i was falsing my phone and in the middle it asked me to unplug the phone and to turn onu00a0turn on Unknown Sources and n Debugging but i am not able to start my phone it is showing just sony eriscsson text and then it turn off………….plzzzz help me plzzzzu00a0nn

    • Floriemaysedero

      mine too, did you fix yours?

  • Nigeltan92

    I successfully rooted my xperia arc. Suddenly the phone come out with the upgrade “Build number 4.0.2.A.0.42” and I just upgrade it. But after I upgrade it and restart my phone, it does not on anymore. So what should I do?

  • Yousef Salem


  • Brian


  • Msutcugs

    firmware content  does not read content

  • Maj00d 12

    The downloading link doesn’t work!

  • Adi The Hbk

    You are the best man i successfully flashed my Xperia neo and now the china restriction has been removed from it

  • Sreejithtp53

    it says flashing complete but no response from my xperia play 
    failed to update and cant even switch on some one please help immediately 

  • cooper

    someone please help me, i flashed my sony ericsson xperia pro following these steps and it completed the flash but now it wont turn on. WHAT DO I DO? :O

  • Bagus

    Shivam, can i know your GTalk…?

  • raghav

    While flashing the flash tool says Bootloader status : NOT_ROOTABLE followed by WARNING that simlock.ta file is ignored. I have a Sony ericsson arco IS11S tied to AU KDDI Japan. Does it mean the sim lock cant be removed?

  • please re up the file again thanks. can i use this to update to 4.0.4(ICS)?

  • smith

    how to get files required for xperia mini???

  • luis

    hi, i cant do the step 8 because the firmware doesn´t apear, what can i do?

  • maneeshjay

    will this work for my sony xperia arc s as well ? pls reply soon

  • vishal

    to flash a .ftf file via flashtool, do i need to have a rooted device?

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