Try Turbo Alarm for Android, a feature rich alarm app

There are several dozens of alarm applications on the Google Play Store. One of these apps is the Turbo Alarm that is an attention grabbing application. If you are wondering why this particular app stands out from the crowd, there are many considerations.

Firstly, the Turbo Alarm is the only alarm clock app that can be stopped simply by turning on your bedroom light. This app can also load a folder with your favorite songs and wake you up with a different one each day.

Also, you can set incremental volume tone for the alarm and mention the time for it has to reach the maximum volume. You can select a vibration pattern for the alarm as well between the options – normal, relaxed, rapid and none. You can turn off the alarm by turning on the room light, drawing a pattern, shaking the device, sliding a bar and other sleep prevention methods.

The Turbo Alarm features a widget that has a list of active alarms. It is also integrated with Google Now, Tasker and Sleepbot. The Turbo Alarm has several features, but looks like one made a couple of years back. It is free to download, but has in-app purchases.

Download Turbo Alarm from Google Play Store