Track your sleep with ‘Sleep as Android’ App

No more insomnia and wake up with a fresh morning with a pleasant experience. Sleep as Android is an assimilated alarm clock for waking up tenderly in your sleep cycle.

Waking up hastily is not very amusing especially when you are in a deep sleep. Sleep as Android traces your sleep during night and given a time rang, cherry-pick the appropriate moment to wake you up in a natural and gentle way. It features sleep noise recording when you sleep talk or snore. You can share your sleep graph on facebook or via email and keep history of the same. Track the sleep graph and watch for deficits. It automatically increases the volume when the alarm clock is set. Currently only 4 alarm ringtones are available which are bird singing, sea gulls, night with crickets and summer storm. This application adjusts the volume of your favorite player so that when you fall asleep, the music won’t wake you up anymore.

Sleep as an android is compatible from 1.5 versions and upwards with 14 days free trial.

Now instead of paying for that negative and head banging alarm clock, you can have a soothing and pleasant morning to start your day.

Download Sleep as Android app and have a good night sleep.