Track the Amount of Time you Spend on Apps and Games on your Phone using Aptrax Android app

Would you like to know your most used Android App? Or your favorite App? Install Aptrax.

Aptrax allows you to keep track of which application you use the most. Aptrax runs in the background and monitors what apps you use and how long you use them for. It also shows how many times you have opened each app that’s installed on your device.

By using Aptrax you can know which apps you use the most and which you never use, so that you can uninstall the unnecessary apps from your phone which are either eating your time or your phone’s disk space and RAM for no good purpose.

For example, if you’ve been playing a game a lot lately without realizing how much time you’re wasting on it, then Aptrax will track it down for you making you realize that you either need to cut down on your play hours or just uninstall the game.

You can set how frequently you want your app usage to be tracked with the following three settings ─ High, Moderate or Low. Other than that, the app lets you track usage of system apps as well.

The Good
  • Track how long you use each of your apps
  • See the number of times you launched each app
  • Easily uninstall unused apps
  • Low Memory and Battery usage
  • Holo themed interface
  • Starts automatically when you turn on your device
  • Completely free, no adverts or in-app purchases
The Bad
  •  Nothing is in this column

Get it on the play store using the link below.

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