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Top Anti-Theft Apps to Protect your Android Phone

Your android phone is storage to some very important info about you. It holds you contacts info, pics of you and your loved ones and maybe some of you may even use it store passwords and other business crucial files. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that your android phone needs to be protected and safely guarded against theft, or pranksters who would quickly snoop into your phone upon finding an opportunity.

Luckily for you, some cool android apps exist which would alert you of the attempted thief or snoop-spying by friends.

We know there might be a case when you simply drop your phone somewhere or forget it at a restaurant or something, where these apps won’t be able to help and you would need an app to recover lost phone, but that’s another story and we will discuss that tomorrow in our round-up of ‘Apps to recover lost phone and protect data’. For today, let’s try not losing the phone at the very first.

Note: These apps by their very nature need to run in background. Which means, they’ll eat some bits of your battery. That apart, running an app in background also decreases the amount free RAM available for other tasks which affects phone performance. So, use these apps smartly — and don’t install too much of these apps. The experience (and impact) may wary from phone to phone.

Alarm anti theft [Free]

Place your phone after activating the app’s protection and get the app will alert you if someone moves the phone behind you. Alarm anti theft uses phone’s motion sensor to detect motion and when it finds the phone moving (in any direction or up or down) it plays an alarming sound to catch your attention. pretty cool. And easy too, just play around for a bit and you’ll know how to use it perfectly. It’s password protected, so anyone cannot disable the protection before moving the phone. which you can do when protection is not required by using the password.

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Don’t Touch My droid [Free]

Don't Touch My Droid

This app also uses phone’s motion sensor to detect movement and alert you. The app will “Scare the living daylights out of anyone moving your Android without permission!” as said in its description. It gives you 10 tones to choose your alert tone from. Tweak the settings to suit your requirement and you’re good to go.

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Sheriff Lite: AntiTamper Alarm[Free]

Sheriff Lite AntiTamper Alarm

If the movement based alarms aren’t enough for you, how about using the sound too for detection. Sheriff Lite: AntiTamper Alarm app gets you both the options to trigger alarm, based on motion and sound. The app is very feature rich and even allows you to use spoken warnings, loud alarm tones and even features the CCTV function to record the video of everything happening using phone’s camera. If you want more functions, there is a paid version available too, costing $6.48, available here.

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Charger Alarm[Free]

Charger Alarm

It’s obvious we get worried about the phone when placing it on a charger in a public place, or somewhere not so near to us. Well, no more worries with the Charger alarm app that exists solely to ease your pain here. It will set off a loud alarm if the phone’s disconnected and would also lock the volume so that one cannot lower it down. And if the battery gets full (without the phone stolen, eh!) an alarm to notify you to pick up the phone is also there.

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GotYa Lite [Free]

Gotya Lite

GotYa is a pretty cool app that would catch the pic (using the phone’s front facing camera) of anyone trying to unlock your phone and fails doing so. It would even send you the location on the Google maps using pre-defined settings. it’s useful whether or not the phone has been stolen. If someone tried accessing your phone behind your back, and put it in its place before you arrived, now you can know whether any attempt was made. yes, you do need with secondary camera in the front to make use of this app. There are more features in this app. And even more in the paid version, costing $1.41, available here.

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Smart Lock Lite [Free]

Smart Lock Lite App Media

The thief attempts aside, if you don’t prefer to use screen lock but want your pics, videos and apps hidden and locked, Smart lock lite is the app for you. The app lets you lock the apps and media files (photo, videos, etc.). Since it’s the lite version, it means that the paid version exists with even more features, as usual. The paid version costs $1.50 and can be found here.

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That was about some very cool android apps to protect your android phone neatly – make the most of these apps before it’s too late (somebody’s able to phish through your phone). Want more apps — check out these useful android apps.


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