Three Verizon Specific Motorola Smartphones with QHD Displays Spotted


As per the latest information, Motorola is prepping three new smartphones with Quad HD displays. This has been revealed by a Reddit user after spotting their details in an analytics system. However, there is no evidence or official confirmation sustaining this claim.

Going by the source, three unannounced Motorola smartphones with the model numbers XT1578, XT1585 and XT192A with Quad HD displays with 2560×1440 pixel resolution¬†are in testing. It is claimed that all these smartphones will be preinstalled with Android 5.1 Lollipop. The trio of smartphones seems to be Verizon specific devices.


We can expect one of these upcoming devices to be the highly anticipated Moto X 2015, but there are no clues on the other two. As they are Verizon specific smartphones, they could belong to the Droid lineup.

Other than the resolution, the Reddit post does not reveal any information regarding the pixel count of the upcoming devices. This way, we cannot calculate the specific sizes of these displays.

The source alleges that these upcoming smartphones are in testing in or around Chicago. This makes sense as the Motorola US headquarters is in the city. Moreover, the XT1578 has been spotted in the HTML5Test database, and this adds more credibility to the details that were revealed by the Reddit user.

Source: Reddit, HTML5Test