This new Sharp phone is all display on the front, truly border-less

Guys, Guys. We are about to reveal something that might leave you open-mouthed. Looks like the world has got its first full-screen device. Or, apparently, China has got it, where it will be probably headed first.

However, that doesn’t change anything, it still is the world’s first full display smartphone. And in case you are wondering about the “it” (obviously you are), “it” is the upcoming device from Sharp. According to the Weibo user, IT observation, the Japanese electronic product manufacturer, Sharp Corporation will soon make its entry back into the smartphone market with this sizzling bezel-less and border-less device.

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Although much is not known about the specs of the device, looking at the leaked images posted by the Weibo user, the device will sport dual camera on the rear with LED flash next to it. On the front side, similar to the recently released Essential phone from the co-founder of Android, Andy Rubin, the bezel-less Sharp smartphone features a front camera at the mid top of the screen.

However, there is no presence of fingerprint sensor, either on the front or back side, nonetheless, it could be possible that the Fingerprint scanner is integrated into the display itself.

The good old brand of Sharp has been known for ages for proving top-class electronics, particularly Sharp screens that are considered one of the best in the market. With literally being a borderless phone, now that the upcoming device has left us mesmerized, we hope Sharp can give us more surprises regarding the specs of the device.

Source: Weibo


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