The Mate 20 is faster than expected, Huawei claims in new video teaser

We know that Huawei Mate 20 will be unveiled mid next month, but we already have a great deal of information out there, some courtesy of leaks and others, like the latest video teaser, coming in from the company itself.

The Chinese OEM is aware that Apple and Samsung have already launched their flagship phones of 2018 and this October, LG and Google will also bring in their ultimate smartphones of 2018. There’s also another coming from OnePlus and Xiaomi also has a bunch of phones coming up, including the Mi Mix 3. Now, to keep things lively in the Mate series camp, the company has released a short video teasing how fast we can expect the Mate 20 to be.

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In fact, Huawei says the Mate 20 will be faster than expected, something that is illustrated by someone typing on a keyboard and playing the piano side-by-side pretty fast, much like the device itself, we presume. This adds up to a previous statement made to TechRadar claiming that the Kirin 980 chipset expected in the Mate 20 is better than Apple’s A12 Bionic that powers the latest iPhone Xs models, although this can only be confirmed in real-world tests.

As noted, the Mate 20 is expected on October 16th, which is when we’ll be able to justify Huawei’s claims. You can watch the video teasers below.

And another teaser too…


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