The flagship LG hinted at the MWC may just turn out to be phablet

Earlier this month LG CEO Cho Juno while speaking at the MWC 2015 stated that the LG G4 will not be the only high-end smartphone to hit the market this year but in fact will be followed by an even higher-end model scheduled for launch in the second half of 2015.

It goes without saying that Mr. Juno’s statement completely stirred the rumor market and led to all kinds of speculations about the devices he mentioned. — What will they be like? What will be their specifications? What will LG use to make them better than the G series? You get the idea. However nothing more was forthcoming, until now.

If certain rumors which have just made their way into the light can be awarded credibility, LG’s yet-to-come device may just be a phablet instead of your regular, run of the mill smartphone and may launch under the alias of LG G(4?) Note. Well, if true these rumors certainly give us much to think about. A phablet that is better than the G series? Sounds great to us.


Reading between the lines, the South Korean company has lot riding on this mysterious series and apparently the company hopes that the series will further the it’s ambitions to become the third largest smartphone maker in the world. Be that as may, if the series actually turns out to be a phablet, it’d better be good because LG’s past effort in this direction have been mostly futile and the phablets the company has launched in the past — the Vu, The G Pro series for example — not on par with Samsung’s Galaxy Note series.

Well, it will certainly be interesting to see what shape LG’s upcoming device — scheduled for launch in the second half of the year — will take and whether it’s able to take on the Galaxy Note.

Source: gforgames