The best Private Location Sharing App, Wave, now allows chat within the App

Wave is among our most favorite apps whose use can’t be substituted easily, think PushBullet! Wave allows to private — and more importantly, constantly (live!) — share location with friends and family members, as many as you want to choose for one particular Wave.

If you are going on a trip, it’s better idea to install Wave app on yours and you partner’s Android phone, and always keep in touch by creating a Wave between these two devices. That way, wherever you both are — although, mostly you both won’t be far away from each other — you know where the other one is.

Today, in an update, Wave introduced a full-blown chat windows into the Waves, so that you communicate from right there — you don’t have to fire up your WhatsApp or Hangouts anymore to further the communication. That’s a user-requested feature, btw!

Not only that, Wave is also seeing a UI makeover, which makes the app more appealing, and the tam has also introduced network optimizations and performance enhancements.

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