The best live wallpaper apps for Android: Spice up your homescreen/lockscreen with these cool apps

Finding the right wallpaper can be difficult. There are a ton of great wallpapers to choose from; however, if you want to make your Android device stand out from the crowd, then you might want to check out some live wallpapers.

Live wallpapers are amazing yet some users are skeptical of using wallpapers ever since their introduction in Android. This was due to the fact that live wallpapers back in the day actually slowed down the device quite a bit.

However, as our smartphones have become almost as powerful as entry-level laptops, using live wallpapers wouldn’t slow down or hamper the user experience on most modern Android smartphones.

If you search the Google Play Store for ‘live wallpapers’ you might end up with a couple of live wallpaper apps which aren’t quite good hence, we’ve curated a list of the absolute best live wallpaper applications currently available on the Google Play Store.

Note: Live wallpapers do consume a bit more battery than usual; however, if you charge your device every day, then there shouldn’t be any reason to worry.


Best Android Live Wallpaper apps


ZENTALED probably has one of the best live wallpapers for Android. The app features a bunch of extremely cool AMOLED friendly wallpapers. The live wallpapers are interactive and each tap lights up a certain area.

What’s even better is the fact that the live wallpapers make use of the gyroscope in the device to really make the wallpapers stand out. If you’re looking for a great live wallpaper application, then ZENTALED is absolutely worth checking out.

Download: ZENTALED 


NEOLINE is a brilliant minimal yet complex 3D live wallpaper application. The live wallpaper application does look great on AMOLED displays; however, can be just as beautiful on LCD displays as well.

As the name suggests there are subtle neon lights that move around in patterns and also support 3D effects with the gyroscope. Fortunately, the app does not consume battery as much as some other live wallpaper apps.

Download: NEOLINE 

AMOLED LiveWallpaper

Here’s another superb live wallpaper application from the same creator as both the applications above. There’s only one live wallpaper included in the free version of the application; however, if you’re willing to pay a small amount, then you’d be able to change the colors and FPS and a lot more.

This is probably one of the most minimal and beautiful live wallpaper applications available in the Play Store. More importantly, the app would help save some battery on devices with an AMOLED display.

Download: AMOLED LiveWallpaper


WALLOOP is a fantastic live wallpaper application and has over a million downloads on the Play Store. The application has one of the best collections of live wallpapers out of all apps and most live wallpapers are just stunning.

There’s are quite a few live wallpaper categories as well as a ton of non-live wallpaper categories. The only catch here is that to unlock most live wallpapers you have to watch a short ad which is not bad considering the app is free and still is one of the best live wallpaper apps on the Play Store.

Download: WALLOOP

Live Wallpaper Loops

Now here’s a live wallpaper application that is fairly different from the other live wallpaper apps. Live Wallpaper Loops has a bunch of cool static images with only portions of the image animated which results in a brilliant effect.

These videos aren’t high-res, rather are of decent enough quality to look good as a wallpaper but not be a battery consuming disaster. You could also animate your own pictures and set them as live wallpapers. Now how cool is that, right?

Download: Live Wallpaper Loops

3D Wallpaper Parallax 2018

If you want to impress someone, or simply want to be impressed by a live wallpaper app, then we’d suggest checking out the 3D Wallpaper Parallax 2018 application.

The app has a bunch of absolutely insane 3D Parallax wallpapers that would make you not want to put your phone down. The wallpapers make use of the gyroscope sensor which creates a cool 3D effect.

Download: 3D Wallpaper Parallax 2018

Particle Live Wallpaper n Play


The Particle Live Wallapaper application is super simple yet offers one of the most stunning live wallpapers you’d find on the Google Play Store.

The app does not offer any fancy images or 3D effects instead there are thousands of particles which interact with your touch on the screen. To fully grasp the epicness, we’d suggest checking the app out for yourself.

Download: Particle Live Wallpaper n Play

Zero Live Wallpaper


Here’s another great 3D parallax live wallpaper application which is just brilliant, to say the least. Each and every wallpaper is beautifully crafted and is high quality.

There are quite a few live wallpapers to choose from and we assure you that you’d definitely find a wallpaper that intrigues you. The Zero Live Wallpaper app is regularly updated and new live wallpapers are added to the collection every now and then.

Download: Zero Live Wallpaper



Rainpaper is the coolest live wallpaper application to have ever made it’s way over to the Google Play Store. The application allows you to create a live wallpaper using your own images or by various sources on the internet.

The app then adds some raindrop effects to the image which look stunning when set as a wallpaper. The raindrop effects are of great quality and actually, do give off the impression of raindrops pouring down the screen.

Download: Rainpaper

Holo Droid

If you aren’t a big fan of minimal live wallpapers or the usual image based live wallpaper and want something geekier, then there’s no better application that the Holo Droid live wallpaper app for Android.

The application displays the stats of the device in a geeky yet clean layout while the center of the live wallpaper has a cool 3D compass that moves around as you move the device. You could see the battery temperature, used RAM, battery percentage, CPU type and a ton of more information directly with the wallpaper.

Download: Holo Droid


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