[Take a look] HTC One M9 Themes are beautiful, far better than the ones we saw on Galaxy S6

The HTC One M9 went official at the MWC 2015 in Barcelona on Sunday. The phone comes with several enhancements, but one of the main attractions is the new theme creating ability of the new Sense 7 UI that came along with the smartphone. The feature gives a new overhauled and personalized look for your smartphone in just a couple of taps.

If you are interested in getting the themes that are a part of the One M9, here are nine such splendid themes that arrive with the One M9. Have a look at them below.


Stock Theme

As the name suggests, this theme is preloaded on the HTC One M9. It shows beige sand with bright water regally pouring onto the sand. Also, this is paired with blue themes app icons enhancing the look further and app tray.


Cascadia Theme

This theme is a cartoon based night theme that looks impressive with clouds, moon and elements.


Numero Theme

This theme is one of the simplest ones with geometric shapes, simple clock and light colors.


Innerspace Theme

In this theme the One M9 shows galaxies with abstract planets in a cool theme.


Nimbus Theme

This is an abstract theme that is different with a brown color scheme.


Origami Theme

The origami theme shows designs of icons and numbers in the clock, but it looks cool.


Pastorale Theme

This theme shows the rural landscape with lots of greens and yellows and flat colors that renders a country look.


Tilt Theme

This is a simple and dark colored theme with shades and icons are a distinct angle.


Traction Theme

The traction theme is a red colored theme that gives a bold look.


Besides these themes, you can create your own theme, even from a picture of the dress you’re wearing or any other photo from the gallery, sounds like something you really want to try, right? We feel the same..

Source: Phandroid