T-Mobile Score!: Cost and Discounts detailed!

T-Mobile loves coming up with new, interesting plans in its effort to make new users join in while satisfying the existing ones. And its Score! is the latest one launched earlier today, available for both pre-paid and post-paid customers.

With T-Mobile Score!, you gotta pay the carrier $5 each month once you’ve signed up, and receive a mobile device for free after six months or a free/discounted phone after 12 months. Of course, the phones available for free/at discount matter more, and it really makes sense only if you plan to buy a phone only after 12 months, since choice and discounts are better only a year after.

Look at the pic below to find out what phones you’ll be getting after 6 months.


Clearly, $79.20 costing Alcatel OneTouch Evolve 2 is simply not a phone that would make join in for Score. Unless you are buying a phone for someone really old and it doesn’t matter what phone it is. By paying $30, you do get a good deal in that case as Evolve 2 costs $79.20 and $109.20 respectively for postpaid and prepaid users.

But after 12 months, both and phones and discount on phones — current flagships, mostly — get a bit more appealing — you’ll be more interested in discounts on current genre of cool phones than free phones.


For paying $60, you get a discount of $150 on Nexus 6 and Note 4 (real discount $90) while Galaxy S5 would cost $510 (real discount: 100-60=$40). You can also grab a free phone if that available (see above) stick the landing for you, which it quite doesn’t for us.

Point worth noting is that these phones will take a price hit anyway after a year, so, maybe this isn’t a great deal you’re getting. Price hit will be around $100-200 easily, so it isn’t really a deal here, and you’d find yourself stuck once you’ve started Score-ing!

Only if discounts were in the margin of $200 or more, Score! would have really scored a point here, because in that case, tying to T-Mobile would have made sense.

Source: T-Mobile

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