T-Mobile LG G3 Lollipop update release is real close, hits source code!

With international edition of G3 already updated to 5.0 long back, it’s time LG swapped the KitKat on G3 variants in U.S. with Lollipop. And it could be the T-Mobile LG G3 that’s gonna get the Lollipop update real soon, as the same has hit the LG’s open source code listing, which can be taken as hint of OTA coming soon, and work almost complete. The version no. of the OYTA could be V20b, that seems quite old given that it appeared for the international variant, D855, over 2 months before.

It’s been more than a month since Sprint’s G3 tasted Lollipop, while over 3 months if we talk about international variant. It’s a bit surprising that Sprint received it earlier than T-Mobile, because latter’s version are close to international variants generally and hence get updates before other carriers mostly.

Anyway, we’re sure many of you people will be happy to see Lollipop update nearly done for your T-Mobile G3.

Via XDA (thanks Autoprime!)
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