T-Mobile Galaxy Tab S 10.5″ receives update to T807TUVU1BOH2, fixes Stagefright

Last year stunning Super AMOLED display toting T-Mobile Galaxy Tab S 10.5-inch is receiving an OTA update today to software version T807TUVU1BOH2 that will fix the Stagefright bug on the tablet.

Considering there is nothing else that forms part of the changelog, the OH2 update’s size should be small — ~30-40 MB small.

Software version compatible with the latest OH2 update are T807TUVU1BOE1, T807TUVU1ANK1 and T807TUVU1ANJ3 — if you are on either of these 3 versions, then your tablet is gonna throw you an update notification soon.

Even if it doesn’t, you can try to check for update manually under Settings > About device.

There is no change in Android version, so if you were hoping for Android 5.1 update you are just not in luck.

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