T-Mobile Galaxy S7 Edge receives new update in build G935TUVU2APD7

The new shiny T-Mobile Galaxy S7 Edge is receiving yet another update today, one that adds a new FM radio function, improves security of the device (you guessed it already, right?) and brings in other guessable stuff like device stability, new/enhanced features etc. about which Samsung remains tight-lipped. The update comes with build no. of G935TUVU2APD7 and is already rolling out to users. In case you are yet to receive the update, and wouldn’t want to wait for T-Mobile and Samsung to push it to your T-Mobile S7 Edge, then it’s okay — you can download the update’s firmware from the page linked below, and install it manually to update your device to PD7 build.

The image above is a screenshot taken from the T-Mobile S7 Edge, confirming that the update has begun rolling out.

It may happen tat you may need to update more than once if your last update(s) is still pending.

Note that you will lose root access, or other modification upon update. So, if root is precious to you, wait until it’s confirmed that root access is available for T-Mobile S7 on build PD7.

Download G935TUVU2APD7 Firmware

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