T-Mobile Galaxy S6 Price to be $699, off-contract

galaxy s6

The US carrier T-Mobile is running a contest in the region letting customers to grab the Samsung Galaxy S6 for free. As it is a norm for the companies that run contests in the US to list the retail value of the products that will be given away to the winners, T-Mobile has listed the retail value of the Galaxy S6 as $699.

It is has not been listed the exact variant of the Galaxy S6, but it is believed to be the 32 GB one. This pricing let out by the carrier is $100 more than the retail value of $599 of the One M9 let out by HTC.


It makes sense for the Galaxy S6 to have a higher pricing as the device boasts of a Quad HD display in comparison to the HTC flagship that arrives with a Full HD panel. Also, Samsung has a better brand recognition despite its drop in sales.

Who would not be interested to get the Galaxy S6 for free? Click the link below to register for the T-Mobile Galaxy S6 Give Away. Other than the flagship model, there are other Samsung devices such as Galaxy Tab S tablet, Gear Circle headset and Gear S smartwatch.

Source: T-Mobile

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