Swiftkey launches “Hexy Launcher”, brand new smart user interface

Swiftkey has launched a brand new User interface as a part of its greenhouse initiative — yes yes, the same one which “plants ideas and watches them grow”. Enter the Hexy launcher!

Swiftkey, which until now dealt mainly with virtual keyboards — producing the phrase correcting clarity keypad in the process — has expanded its area of interest to include user interfaces as well. The Hexy launcher (predictably) places the apps in little hexagons on the home screen with the most used one in a central hexagonal.


Swiftkey’s panacea for prediction has made its way into the user interface as well, as the app tries to predict which app you’re going to use next. The launcher will also enable you to quickly filter through apps using the advanced search bar.

In keeping with the whole plant thing, the launcher may be downloaded via the Swiftkey Greenhouse on the play store right here.


Source: AndroidCentral

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