Sprint to giveaway Six Galaxy S6 to people who pre-register the device, promotional picture leaks out

Samsung kept the Galaxy S6 well under wraps even with the several #TheNextGalaxy teasers, but only the “Six Appeal” teasers from US carriers gave us a good look at the curved screen of the device. However, that didn’t stop there. Samsung itself maybe doing well to keep the device off the grid, but US carriers doesn’t seem to be holding things behind the door very well. Only yesterday, the AT&T Galaxy S6 leaked out, posing all of its curves and edges for the camera. And now, the Sprint Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are out in a promotional image.

A verified Sprint employee over at reddit has posted a picture of Sprint Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge posing for a promotional offer from Sprint. The promotion is such that if you pre-register a Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge, you’ll enter for a chance to win one of six Galaxy S6 devices that the carrier will giveaway to one lucky person each week.

The “SIX APPEAL” thing is also written gloriously over the promotional image, which brings us to an idea that Six Appeal could be some sort of a campaign from Samsung to promote the Galaxy S6 by means of Six Giveaways of the device, from each of the US carriers who participated. Makes sense, right? Let us know in comments..

Source: Reddit
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