Sprint Galaxy S8 and Note 8 also suffer from LTE issues like the S10

The One UI update for Sprint Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Plus and Galaxy Note 8 has left many users frustrated. They all are reporting about the loss of the LTE network on their handsets after updating to Pie. This is very troubling, as similar issues have been noticed on their Galaxy S10 counterparts too.

Sprint users have complained that since updating their S8 and Note 8 sets to Android 9 Pie. It’s been reported that the LTE signal keeps dropping on the mobile, replaced with a very patchy 3G signal.

Users claim that the phone initially detects LTE, then the bars drop to zero, then the phone informs the user that they have no LTE service and finally, it connects them to the 3G network.

Galaxy S10+ users had been facing the same issue with the Sprint network. However, for the S10+ it wasn’t just Sprint users who were facing the brunt of this issue, AT&T and T-mobile users also reported similar issues.

A few Sprint users tried disabling the 41 and 25 bands on their phones to fix the issue but to no avail. This method worked for a few S10+ users, but it seems to be a no go for S8 and Note 8 phones.

Sprint has acknowledged this problem for the Galaxy S10+ and promised a new update for its users. However, there seems to be no respite for S8 and Note 8 owners. Sprint replied to complainants saying that they could still use the 3G network while they look into the problem.

The mobile carrier explained that if a user would like their phone replaced they may have to contact Samsung or a Sprint store for options. And if your phone is out of warranty you may have to pay a fee to replace your phone.

The best bet for S8 and Note 8 owners right now is to sit tight and wait for an update that fixes these issues. Till then, they will have to make do with the 3G network.