Is it Sprint testing Nougat on Galaxy S7?

It’s far from concrete, but it looks like Sprint may be testing the Android 7.0 Nougat update for its Galaxy S7 right now. We’ve spotted the Sprint’s S7 — going by its model no. SM-G930P — on the Geekbench, running Android 7.0. Wait, that’s not all we’re basing our guess on, as we have a few other valid points too.

Well, there is no AOSP based ROM (like CM14) available for the Galaxy S7, so this has to be an official 7.0 firmware in testing. For a G3, as an example, many 7.0 AOSP based ROMs are available, so it’s easy to spot G3 running Android 7.0 — in such cases it’s quite too novice to think LG is working on G3’s Nougat build (you listening, phonearena?).

Now, have a look at the image at the top and see the difference in RAM. (Click the image to zoom.) Well, it was and is 3422 MB of RAM for Sprint S7 running Marshmallow (see all the listing available here), while for the listing showing Android 7.0, it goes down to 3342 MB.

That’s not the first time we saw the Nougat build hit the ROM available. For example, in our recent HTC 10 Nougat finding, we saw that HTC’s top offering too take a hit of available RAM on GFXbench to 3.6 GB from 3.7 GB.

So, what do you think?

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