Sprint Galaxy Note 4 receives new Update (PE1)

Sprint hasn’t revealed this on their Note 4’s software update page yet, but there is apparently a new update rolling out for the Galaxy Note 4, build no. being N910PVPU4DPE1.

The PE1 update is pretty hefty at 551.68 MB given its changelog, which includes contains Google’s this month’s security patches, this improving security, while also adding on WiFi connectivity and stability — and yes, performance increments too.

Root on PE1 update is confirmed to be working. To get PE1 root, all you need to do is install TWRP recovery and then using it, flash the SuperSU 2.74. That’s it.

If you wish to update now, go to Settings on your phone and look for the system update from there. Sprint says the rollout would be completed by May 30 approximately, so there is good chance an update us waiting right there for you.

Even if not, you can manually update your Sprint Note 4 to PE1, by downloading and installing the firmware from the page linked below.

Download Galaxy Note 4 firmware

The above page is updated with firmwares of latest builds as and when they become available. If you ever need a firmware for your Samsung device, just search this very site for that.


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