Download Sprint Galaxy Note 4 Marshmallow leak and Root

This is not a Sprint Note 4 Marshmallow firmware, but it’s pretty close as far as Marshmallow update goes for the device. The ROM provided below is based on Samsung’s own Android 6.0 code, and thus comes with TouchWiz, as against the AOSP Note 4 ROMs we call unofficial Marshmallow updates.

This requires installation of engineering bootloader and PB5 firmware’s baseband to work properly. So, to install it alright, you first need to install these two before flashing the ROM with TWRP recovery (your TWRP will remain installed, BTW, as it won’t be replaced by stock recovery).

If you ever wish to downgrade back to Android 5.1.1 Lollipop, you can do so easily by flashing the Sprint Note 4 firmware Lollipop version. But, what is must is installing the OK1 firmware’s bootloader (download here), and optionally OK1 baseband (download here) to go back to 5.1.1 alright.

This is really interesting. Samsung is busy update Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and Edge Plus to Marshmallow, while it has already updated Note 5 to 6.0. Next in line are probably Note 4 and Galaxy S5, but it would take some time for the carrier devices to get the udpate.

Hence the proper official Android 6.0 update for Sprint Note 4 is at least a month away. But you get to play with the Marshmallow update already thanks to this leaked ROM. Have fun!



How to install

Well, first of all, know that this will trip KNOX, and hence warranty fo your device will be void.

Next, make appropriate backups.

Now install TWRP recovery on your Sprint Note 4. When done, download the Marshmallow files from above and transfer the ROM file to the device.

Using TWRP, do a factory reset, and then install the ROM file. But don’t reboot normally. Instead, choose bootloader option in Reboot menu to boot into download mode.

Now, using Odin, flash the PB5 bootloader on your device, with auto reboot NOT ticked. This is to prevent device to boot normally.

Reboot into download mode again manually (press and hold Volume Down + Home + Power together until your device reboots into download mode). Now, install the PB5 baseband, with ‘auto reboot’ ticked this time around to allow device to reboot automatically after flashing the bootloader.

Upon reboot, your Sprint Note 4 would be running Marshmallow like a boss.


How to Root

Well, simply install the SuperSU 2.68 from here, using TWRP install menu.

How to downgrade to Lollipop

Download the Lollipop firmware, OK1 baseband and OK1 bootloader from above, and install the firmware first of all using Odin (keep auto reboot NOT ticked). Next, install the OK1 bootloader (auto reboot not ticked) and then install the OK1 baseband (auto reboot ticked, to allow reboot).

That’s it.

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  • Juan Jose Vasquez

    Hello i updated my Note 4 to Marshmellow from the ROM that is in I don´t have 3G data nor telephone service. I did not installed the baseband o the bootloader. I have 2 questions:

    1- Can i still install the bootloader and baseband to have service? do all the process from the beginning?
    2- Can i still downgrade to 5.1.1? seems to be more estable. If so, is there a video on how you do it, i´ve searched but i haven´t found any.

    Thank you so much for this post, this post has given me hope that i can bring back mi note 4.


    • Krishna

      Have you solved the problem with your Note 4?
      You know, because network is not working, it is possible you downloaded a wrong firmware.
      Can you check the model no. of your Note 4 on its box? It may have changed in settings if you flashed the wrong firmware.
      When you give me correct model no. I should be able to provide you correct firmware to install.

    • P

      It is possible to downgrade the Note 4 from Marshmallow 6.01 to 5.1.1. It took me a week of research and playing with it, but got it. The problem I had was it kept bootlooping after the Odin flash. Apparently 5.1 and 6.01 have locked bootloader files that prevent reverting to previous roms. The trick was:

      1) De-selecting the “auto-reboot” in Odin under “Options”.
      2) Flash 5.1.1 in Odin and let the flash complete until you see PASS in the Odin status bar. The status bar on the phone just stays at the completed position (it’s a long white bar) and looks like it’s stalled, but it’s done if the Odin status says PASS.
      3) Unplug from the PC and DO NOT TURN YOUR PHONE ON. Instead…
      4) Boot into recovery mode (hold down volume key, home button, and power button all at once).
      5) Then under recovery options scroll down using the down-volume key and select “factory reset / wipe data” by pressing the power button to select.
      6) Once that is done, scroll down to “reboot phone” and reboot the phone.

      On my N910P, it successfully booted and started into Lollipop 5.1.1. It takes a couple minutes for the initial start up. But that worked for me.

  • P

    Edit: For Recovery Mode, hold down the Up Volume key, home button, and power button. Sorry about the typo.