Speed up your Android device and free up storage space with The Cleaner Android app

Ram boosters and Cleaning apps concept is one of the long running debate among many android communities and developers. Some of the Android researchers say that Ram boosting is merely a myth, as Android Operating System itself has a RAM managing service that will manage the main memory resources of your devices efficiently. Moreover, if you kill a messaging service or a notification service through an app, you might not get any more messages or notification until you reactivate them.

However there are people who support the RAM boosting and cleaning apps and many Android users gave positive reviews about many RAM managers and redundant data cleaners. In our opinion, Android OS may manage the RAM resources, but these apps are capable of optimizing the RAM usage by killing some services temporarily. However you must be cautious of the apps that you’re killing using the RAM booster. Never attempt to kill a system service and that may lead to some weird malfunctions.

The Cleaner is a brand new app that hit the Playstore a few days earlier and we found it very useful to a certain degree. It is clean and pretty straightforward Android application and does what it says. Android devices gets bloated with un-wanted cache memory files, old documents which we never use, apps that reside in the RAM even though we don’t use it much. If you’re running on a high-end device, these might not bother you but if it’s a medium or low-end device, you device may slow down.

The Cleaner will do this job of cleaning your device perfectly by boosting the Ram and by killing redundant apps in your memory to save your battery. Once the Cleaner finishes analyzing your phone’s memory, it will provide a list of applications that are using your memory storage and the amount of it. Select the files that you don’t really need and a simple swipe do all the job and you don’t have worry about it any longer. The Cleaner also provides a couple of widgets that lets you do the job right from your home screen.

The Cleaner also comes with a few themes that lets you personalize the app that fits your taste. You can schedule the automatic maintenance checks to perform frequent maintenance routines which will further speed up your device performance.

Download The Cleaner app from the download link provided below and boost up your device performance to a certain extent:

The Good
  • Simple and intuitive design
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Removing redundant files easily
The Bad
  • Nothing in this section yet.

Get it on the play store using the link below.

  Download The Cleaner – Speed up & Clean