Sony Xperia Z2 Photos and Videos

Sony announced its new flagship device Xperia Z2 at the Mobile World Congress 2014 event today in Barcelona.

The Xperia Z2 packs in the best in class specifications like 4k video recording, 3GB RAM, 3200 mAh battery and waterproof build. The device’s other specs include 20 MP camera, 8.2 mm thickness, digital noise cancellation,  5.2 inch TRILUMINOS 1080p display, 2.3 GHz Qualcomm snapdragon 801 quad-core processor, etc.

Also, with the Xperia Z2, Sony is releasing certain new accessories as well to make your Xperia smartphone be more productive for you.

Below are some of the best Xperia Z2 photos that we found:


Xperia-Z2-Photo-1 Xperia-Z2-Photo Xperia-Z2-Photo-2 Xperia-Z2-Photo-3 Xperia-Z2-Photo-5 z202-17_1304vs_1_verge_super_wide z202-17_1303vs_2_verge_super_wide z202-17_1303vs_1_verge_super_wide z202-17_1300vs_1_verge_super_wide z202-17_1301vs_1_verge_super_wide z202-17_1255vs_verge_super_wide DSC04379_verge_super_wide z202-17_1310vs_verge_super_wide z202-17_1309vs_1_verge_super_wide z202-17_1304vs_verge_super_wide

Image sources: Sony and The Verge

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