Sony won’t sell its Smartphone business, says Sony Mobile Head, Hiroki Totoki

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Couple of weeks back, Sony Corp’s Chief Executive Officer, Kazuo Hirai revealed that there are chances for an exit strategy for the mobile division of the firm. Now, a French daily Le Figaro claims that the head of Sony Mobile have clarified that the division will not be sold.

The report published on the website of the publication claims the Sony Mobile’s Head Hiroki Totoki stating that there was a speculation in the last month about the sale of Sony Mobile. But, he added that it is completely untrue confirming that no such sale will happen. This information is claimed to have been confirmed by the head of the division in an interview with the publication.

The report went on stating that Totoki claimed that the Sony Corp’s CEO Hirai had been to Barcelona during the Mobile World Congress 2015 tech show to discuss about the significance of the business for the firm. Whih further confirms that Sony will not be selling the mobile division, but refocus on it to enhance its presence in the market.

Totoki further told that Sony Mobile’s portfolio of products is way too diverse and that it has to be refocused to make the firm successful in the competitive market. He said the firm will slow the pace of new product launches in order to adapt itself to the consumers who prefer to use their phones for a longer period that it was considered in the past.

Source: Reuters