4 key differences between Sony Nougat beta and Sony Concept for Android program

Sony recently released the Android 7.0 update for its X Performance under ‘Nougat beta’ program, only to be followed by one more beta Nougat update, for Xperia X this time, under the program called ‘Sony Concept for Android’. Well, you may be be scratching your head wondering why the hell a second program for Nougat beta, and also, is Sony really maintaining two software update teams?

Well, it looks like there are two software update teams at Sony, as the concept team member separates their concept software from Nougat beta program by great deal. Here are key differences between the two programs.

1. Nougat beta vs Sony concept: Android 7.0 only

The Sony concept software will be part of your device software updates for long time, as it will continue to push the updates on regular basis, even when the stable Nougat update is out. Against this, Nougat beta program (for X Performance only right now) is all done once Nougat update is released for mainstream users.

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2. Nougat beta vs Sony concept: Stable vs beta

While the Nougat beta naturally comes only in beta type, the Concept also allows you to choose between stable and beta builds.

3. Nougat beta vs Sony concept: Release timing

Sony Concept for Android could be updating your device on monthly basis when you opt for stable updates only, while with Concept, this could become a weekly affair if you so choose for beta builds, as per Sony. As you’d correctly guess, the Nougat beta program is a one-time release.

4. Nougat beta vs Sony concept: Supported devices

Right now, the Nougat beta program supports X Performance, while the Concept program deals with Xperia X.

Well, while Nougat beta doesn’t really need to expand once Sony’s Android 7.0 test build is ready for mainstream rollout (the program would be given a bye-bye!), the concept program could expand to other devices too if proven successful with Xperia X in getting necessary feedback and resolving issues based on that on a quicker basis.

Sony has come up with a list of its own detailing out the features-cum-benefits of the Sony Concept for Android program. Here you go.

  • Frequent software upgrades
  • Always at latest security level
  • Freedom to install/uninstall applications
  • Significantly increased amount of user memory
  • Your voice is heard

So, there’s a lot of difference between Nougat beta program by Sony, and its Concept program.

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