Sonic Runners Adventure is now available on the Play Store, costs $2.99

sonic runners adventure

We all fond memories of Sonic game from our childhood, which is why it’s still cool to see a new Sonic game become available on the Play Store. Gameloft — yes, not SEGA — is giving us another Sonic game today, called Sonic Runners Adventure, available on the Play Store (and iOS) starting today.

They did tease us about the recently on Twitter, and YouTube, but they finally took released the game on the world’s two popular mobile app stores only now. The latest Sonic Runners Adventure is priced $3 on the Google Play Store (and Apple App store).


If you are a fan of high-speed platformer games or are looking for an offline-only action game, the ‘The Blue Blur’ would help you kill some time.

Download Sonic Runners Adventure ($2.99)

Initial ratings on the Play Store don’t look very good for the game, though, but do let us know what do you think of Sonic Runners Adventure. Does it live up to the hype, or fails to excite like many other classic games that have made it to smartphone gaming.

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