So Smart Bike is Samsung’s next smart project?

After Google self driving car, it’s Samsung with its smart bike. Samsung has unveiled its Smart Bike at a design trade show in Milan. According to DesignBoom, the bicycle has very important safety features, all it require is an Samsung smart phone and the cycle off course. Its quite possible that a car hits the cyclist in night, they may not see it when taking a sharp turn or anything. Samsung has taken very useful steps to make sure the cyclist remains safe.

Samsung has teamed up with the prestigious Giovanni Pelizzoli brand from Italy to make such kind of bicycle. Samsung Maestros Academy has put a model which has integrated Arduino board connected to a Wi-Fi + Bluetooth module, a battery and a digital camera (below the seat) controlled by a Samsung smartphone to see whats happening behind the rider.

But the most important feature of Samsung’s smart bike is the four laser beams integrated into the bike which projects a virtual bike lane in case a real one is missing. This safety feature allows fellow riders on the road to know that there’s a bicycle rider in front of them. The Smart bike rider can even increase or decrease the brightness of the beam. Also there is a GPS system built in so that you can see the lane leading to your destination. The placement of the phone is fixed at the center of bike’s handle, which makes it quite easy to reach while riding.


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