Simple trick to extend Galaxy S6 battery life without losing warranty

Everyone loves a little extra, right? And when that extra takes the form of a little extra battery in todays smartphone driven world — well, all the better. However, usually the extra battery life involves rooting your device which means that you can no longer head over to that convenient service centre the next time it starts making funny noises or drops down dead unexpectedly — in short, you lose your warranty.

So today we bring to you a brand new method for extending the battery life on the Samsung Galaxy S6 without the need for rooting.

Alright, so the first step involves switching your home and lock screen wallpaper to this.


Yes, that’s right — a simple black screen.

Next up, download the Nova Launcher from here and install it on your S6.

Finally, install the Mini icon pack from here and you are ready to rock. However, if you want to save even more on the battery front install the Pixel Filter from the Play Store.


This app helps you out by taking care that the pixels on your screen — which should really be constant due to the simple black color — keep switching so as to ensure that the individual pixels do not burn out due to over use.

Source: XDA
  • Pedro Valentim Pereira