Settings+ App unlocks for you hidden settings and tweaks on Samsung Galaxy devices

Whether you knew it or not, there are lots of options and features that you stay hidden from the user’s view. With Samsung Galaxy devices, there are some really cool, and useful ones, like the enhanced display mode which is bit different from the four great options already provided in display settings.

The Settings+ app by LauCass allows breaks the barrier for you and presents all accessible hidden menus of a device in exactly the same form of your regular settings app. That’s pretty nice UI to follow, as it also maintains categorisation of unlocked features.

Note that the app has access codes of all such features that have been known to us, but it may happen not all may be supported by your Galaxy device. For example, on my Galaxy S6 Edge, which is well-known to come pre-installed with least bloatware among the Samsung devices, many of these options were unsurprisingly unavailable. While, I believe, the Galaxy S5 would have most of those features available in the Settings+ app.

Anyway, if you like to boss your device, give Settings+ app a try. It weighs in just 350KB approx. and is pretty cool to have, and boast about. Unlocking a secret and using that features sounds fun, right? Truly Android!

Download Settings+ App | OP

Do let us know what you think about the app.

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