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SEGA releases Gunstar Heroes Classic game on the Play Store

It was only moments ago that Gameloft released a new Sonic game in Sonic Runners Adventure, and we already have another well-known Android game developer, SEGA, release a new game, too. It’s Gunstar Heroes Classic, and is available for free on the Play Store, but comes with — you guessed it — in-app purchases system where each item costs you a fixed $1.99 per item.

Gunstar Heroes is a very popular classic run-and-gun shooter game which was launched on SEGA Genesis back in 1992, later followed with a PlayStation 2 release in 2006. Fast-forward to 2017, and we have this classic action game available for Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixels and all other Android devices.

In the Gunstar Heroes Classic game, you get to equip with four types of weapons, which add up to 14 firearm combinations. This is a multiplayer game, one that gives you an option to play over local Wi-Fi too.

If your partner doesn’t hate it, you can pick him/her up and throw at enemies to save on, what else, ammo — kinda cool, something that would want to do even if you have tons of spare ammo. Also pretty useful if the game doesn’t give you much spare ammo, and makes you buy ammo as an in-app purchase. There are seven levels to explore here, that come with a variety of the ancient ruin to the vast orbital fortress.

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The game would display Ads from time to time, but you can disable them by buying the game via in-app purchase model. The game also supports controllers, of the HID type, and there is all the usual stuff like leaderboards, online game saves, etc. available.

Download Gunstar Heroes Classic (Free)



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