Samsung working on dust- and water-resistant Galaxy S4

Samsung is preparing to launch a rugged water- and dust-proof variant of the Galaxy S4, according to Young Soo Kim (President Samsung Gulf), who confirmed the same in a Q&A session.

The rugged Galaxy S4 should become the second top of the line smartphone this year to get such resistance to the elements, after the Sony Xperia Z, which was the first flagship smartphone in recent times to sport these qualities. Some might think Samsung is a bit worried by the competition, which is possible, but either way a rugged variant should find plenty of buyers, especially those who (wrongly) associate Samsung’s plastic builds with poor durability.

The water-/dust-resistant Galaxy S4 should be announced sometime in the coming weeks, and I expect we’ll find exactly the same specifications as the normal S4 apart from the rugged properties. Most would prefer Samsung go for a better design and materials instead, but a rugged version of the company’s flagship will be welcome as well.

So, anyone interested in this stronger and more durable Galaxy S4?

Via: Sammobile