Samsung Trademarks new Tablet names Galaxy Tab A, Tab E and Tab J

It seems Samsung is still isn’t shy of expanding its tablets line-up, even when users and retailers and everyone involved in the business themselves can’t keep a track of Sammy’s long and flop line-up of tablet devices.

Also, despite rumor mills saying Samsung will trim down on its product portfolio, the company doesn’t seem to be doing so. Samsung has trademarked three new tablet names in its home country, which goes as follows: Samsung Galaxy Tab A, Samsung Galaxy Tab E and Samsung Galaxy Tab J. And you know what will be coming next — Galaxy Tab A 8.0, Galaxy Tab A 10.1, Galaxy Tab A Pro, ..ughh!

This new naming scheme of Galaxy Tabs falls in line with some of Samsung’s recent smartphone launches, Galaxy A5, A3, A7, E5, E7 and J1 which are all an entirely new series of Smartphones from Samsung. Is Samsung thinking the same for its tablet line-up?

Nobody wants Samsung to introduce another series for its tablets. But if it’s a move to a better naming scheme, which it does seems, we’d like to tolerate it for one more time. However, replacing existing tablet line-up with a new naming scheme could be a stupid idea from a marketing point of view.

What’s your say on this? Let us know in comments below..

Via: PhoneArena; Source: GalaxyClub; Image credit: Android Central

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