Report: Samsung may unify the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S Plus devices to reduce production costs

Samsung Galaxy S9 business phone

It’s not long ago that the Samsung Galaxy Note series was a unique offering in Samsung’s smartphone portfolio not only because of the powerful performance specs and the S Pen, but also due to the sheer size of the display screen. But over the recent years, especially beginning with the Galaxy S8 series, the line between the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S series has become blurrier. For now, the only standout distinction between the Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S9+, for instance, is the S Pen.

Amid reports that Samsung is struggling to earn profits from its flagship smartphones, there are now claims that the Korean behemoth has plans to take drastic measures in a bid to address the decline in profits. The obvious move here, as you’d expect, would be to cut down on the cost of production and apparently, this could involve unifying the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S Plus devices.

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According to The Bell, Samsung will watch the performance of the Galaxy Note 9 as it ponders the possibility of unifying the Note and Plus variants into one. The company has been discussing this matter for the past year or so and in fact, some of the details have already been passed on to its business partners.

As pointed out earlier, the only remaining notable difference between the Galaxy Note 8 and S9+ is the S Pen. As for the rest, you are getting two similar devices: big footprints, big display, big battery, powerful specs, great camera, and lots of premium features. Since the similarities between the two have outweighed the differences, it makes sense that Samsung would be thinking about unifying them.

Also, given that Samsung is working on releasing its first foldable smartphone in 2019, it would still have the same number of devices in the flagship market even if the unification is successful.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 launches next month and is said to come with a 6.38-inch display screen. Next in line will be the Galaxy S10 and S10+ and according to reports, the latter will feature a massive 6.4-inch panel, bigger than what is supposed to be the biggest – the Note 9. By unifying these two, proponents of this merger believe Samsung would greatly reduce the production costs and possibly improve their profits.

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