Samsung to offer dual-camera devices in 2016

Most of us — at least those who have been around for the past 5-6 years — have witnessed the shifting of major tectonic plates in the smartphone world. The changes we have witnessed, the improvements in everything from size to display to cameras have been truly staggering with manufacturers vying with each other to deliver the best possible hardware backed by the latest and most efficient software to their customers.

However, now that every device launched comes with a certain specific set of features that match closely with those on its competitors and an upgrade on one is quickly followed by a similar one on others, manufacturers must keep thinking up new ways to differentiate their smartphone from the other — after all, there is a limit to just how thin you can make your device.

Similarly, while cameras are a major factor impacting a consumer’s decision to buy a smartphone, the time when more megapixels meant a must buy is past and with the advent of Ultrapixels and stuff like Optical Image stabilization, there is a lot more that they consider while choosing their devices rather than a simple number.


This is probably what was running through Samsung’s mind — or rather Samsung’s Top minds — as it decided to prepare its upcoming devices for a dual camera setup — the prototype to which is currently in the works.

The fact that Samsung is about to implement dual cameras came out during the the Samsung Electro-Mechanics Q1 2015 earnings report meeting which took place in Seoul, South Korea. Apparently, the company recorded a 60.8 billion won increase in operating profits, a whooping 303% up from Q1 2014 — thanks mainly to the smartphone components it manufacturers, such as the 16 MP OIS integrated camera that has recently found its way into many smartphones.

While the implementation of dual cameras brings about benefits such as improved bokeh effects, backlight compensation, better quality zooming and higher speed shoots, the waters are still pretty much undisturbed with HTC — which brought out certain devices featuring the dual cam — switching back to the single camera. Let’s hope the South Korean company has better luck with them as it prepares to release dual camera devices as early as the first quarter of next year.

Source: gforgames
  • roberthenderson

    Front facing speakers
    True all day battery life
    Good indoors/lowlight pictures/video
    User determined storage
    User determined theme
    Quick & smooth operating experience

    There is your to do list Samsung. Take care of the basics before you worry about the advanced.