Samsung to supply Apple and LG with RAM modules for their next flagships

We already know that Samsung is turning quite a bit of its efforts towards manufacturing and implementing chip sets for its devices, replacing the Snapdragon 810 with the homemade Exynos 720 in its upcoming flagship phones to take a single example. Well, if what we have recently heard from Korean media is true, Samsung’s chip business may be in for a boom after major smartphone vendors LG and Apple exhibited interest in Samsung manufactured RAMs for their devices and reportedly just signed multi-billion dollar deals with the South Korean company.

Samsung, which had recently announced the fact that it was mass producing next generation DDR4 RAM, made with the 20nm process along with stackable DDR3s will probably be supplying the former to the smartphone manufacturers in massive amounts for their flagship phones.


When we say DDR4, we are merely making an educated guess since Apple can hardly be expected to agree to anything less than the DDR4 for its iPhone7 (or Iphone 6S) — assuming that’s what Apple will need the RAM for — similarly LG, after already releasing a smartphone with the DDR4 in the form of the G Flex 2, can hardly be expected to fall back on the DDR3 for the G4 (which is what they are calling LG’s soon to come smartphone).

According to an industry source “Under the agreement, Samsung will start providing LG Electronics with 100 percent mobile DRAM chips it needs for LG G4 smartphone, which will be unveiled in April. Also, Samsung will handle at least half of the amount that Apple needs for its new iPhone ― tentatively named iPhone 6S”

Its not hard to see why smartphone manufacturers have turned to the DDR4 over the current DDR3. In fact, with the DDR4 offering twice the density and the I/O performance combined with Samsung’s promise of building it with the frugal 20nm method instead of the 16nm, we fully expect other major players to follow suit and implement the DDR4 into their own flagships in the near future.

Whatever happens, it seems like good times are finally here for the manufacturing department at Samsung Inc.