Samsung teases the Galaxy S6 edge Iron Man edition

We brought you an article a couple of months or so ago in which we told you about Samsung’s plans to bring out Avengers-themed Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Well, turns out the rumor mill was correct for once — well partially anyways. Apparently, the South Korean company is bringing out at least one avenger-ified version of the Galaxy scion, and guess what? The Iron man is here!!

Samsung — who confirmed the news to Korean press a few days ago — has recently posted an image that makes it clear without a doubt that the device is indeed in the pipeline and if the legend on the picture is to be believed, will be with us soon.


The image shows a red, black and gold box with the Iron man’s mask stamped across its top. However, no other information is given whatsoever, except for the legend which says “coming soon“.

In our last article on the subject, we showed you several unofficial renders of the S6 that looked pretty awesome, and if the actual device turns out to be anything like what we have seen at all, no true Marvel universe fan is going to be able to keep their hands off it.

Well, although the image was pretty empty of any further information, we are hoping for more from Samsung on the topic very soon and we will be sure to keep you updated.

Source: Phandroid