Samsung Patent Confirms Plans of Incorporating Iris Tracking Movements in Future Devices

eye tracking

The recent partnership between Samsung and Standford Research Institute (SRI) revealed that Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 that will be launched later this year will arrive with the iris-on-the-move (IoM) technology.

Now, there are more details pertaining to the iris recognition technology. Samsung filed a patent in March 2013 and it was published by USPTO (US Patent and Trademark Office) lately. As per this patent, Samsung is planning to implement the eye-tracking technology in its future devices including smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs and PCs.

The patent claims that it is related to the operation of a display device with eye movements such as blinking. This movement will be processed by the motion sensors in the device.


Basically, eye movements will replace the finger touches that are done on the display to control it. The user can close a window or page by closing his or her eyes for a few seconds and click on a box, link or word with a quick close-open eye movement. A long close of the active apps will happen when the user’s eyes are closed for a particular amount of time.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab pro 8.4 is eagerly awaited by the entire tech world and consumers as it will bring the iris recognition technology to the consumer market.

Source: Smart Up Legal, Via: Venture Beat

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