Samsung partners with IKEA to make furniture with integrated wireless charging

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge were revealed at the MWC and they had the features we expected! Also, both the devices featured some changes that weren’t seen in the former Galaxy models. Like for instance, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is the first device from the company without the microSD memory slot and it has a fixed battery in the place of a replaceable one. But the good thing is that the phone features wireless charging right out-of-the-box.

Now to make the most of Galaxy S6’s wireless charging capabilities, Samsung has partnered with IKEA, a famous Swedish corporation, to make furniture with integrated wireless charging. The furniture for this purpose will be bedside tablets, lamps and desks. Well, if we consider this, it sure is a pretty good idea! You could just put down your phone on the bedside and it will begin charging! And yes of course, the furniture itself has to be connected to a power source.

“Today, consumers are demanding simple and efficient charging methods to make their lives easier and more convenient. IKEA is addressing this by building wireless charging technology directly into its home furnishings, effectively turning bedside tables, lamps and desks into charging spots,” Samsung stated in the press release.

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