Samsung resumes ‘Out of Warranty’ repairs!

samsung out of warranty repairs

If you were denied repair service at Samsung service center earlier, here’s some good news that Samsung has started doing Out Of Warranty repairs back.

Back in year 2017, many users reported that Samsung was not servicing any devices, whose warranty was over, which meant they were considered ‘Out Of Warranty’. So, even if you bought a, let’s say, Galaxy S7, few days ago, and broke its screen, Samsung service center would deny repairing it, even for a fee, because it was an Out Of Warranty repair, as broken display is not covered under warranty.

And FYI, Samsung’s resumed the repairs for all the Samsung phones and Gear watches. To avail the service, you can call at their support no. 1800 SAMSUNG or heading to the Support Site.

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After a Note 7 fiasco, Samsung’s decision to not deny service to Out Of Warranty repairs to their customers should be the last thing on their list, but looks like they did it anyway, but later realized it was such a gross negligence on their part.

Source: Samsung Community

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