Samsung looks to snap up 12 monikers for its upcoming mobile devices!

We know you have a maintained curiosity when it comes to device names. There used to be some really catchy ones from Samsung, in the days of Galaxy S. If you can recall, Samsung dubbed its Galaxy S variants for different carriers as Samsung Captivate, Samsung Fascinate, Samsung Vibrant and Samsung Epic. Well, it seems such old monikers could return back, if we are to believe the name trademark listing filed by Samsung in USA, which reveals as many as twelve new monikers, that you see in the pic above.

Being in news for so long with regards to Samsung Galaxy S6, and its cousin Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung on 5th February filed as many as 13 trademark applications in regard with the brand names, with US Patent And Trademark Office.

We particularly like the moniker ‘Samsung Motivate’, could sounds to us as perfect pet-name for Galaxy S6 — a pinnacle of all revamp efforts expected from the company in year 2015, a defining product for Samsung’s future. What you think of ‘Samsung Independent’ btw? A Samsung;s own Tizen OS powered smartphone perhaps, not dependent on any other company’s OS?

Anyway, sure let us know whether you’d like Samsung to go back to past and release its Galaxy 6 with different labels for each carrier in US? What sounds better Verizon Galaxy S6 or Samsung Reign (a Galaxy S6 variant). We fully expect Samsung to keep the Galaxy S6 brand at all carriers, btw, so mostly probably you’ll have the Verizon Galaxy S6, not Samsung Reign/Fleet.

FYI, the first among these applications indicate “S-MBIR,” a computerized tomography apparatus as an illustration. According to the sources, the 12 brand names have been publicized to the fore of the Mobile World Congress 2015 trade show that is going to be held next month in Barcelona.

It’s pretty hard to know at this instance as in which sobriquet from the list mentioned would strike the souk place, but for consideration sake users can get a fair idea as in what prospected handsets would be named from the tech giant, Samsung!

Via SamMobile