Samsung looking to bless Galaxy S6 and S Edge with its Gear VR, a new model perhaps!

Right now, Samsung’s Gear VR is a gadget useful only for Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge owners. And if you are a fan of Galaxy S series, you probably felt left alone. Well, beginning with Samsung Galaxy S6 — with which really many things begin actually (a new TouchWiz, design, storage options, etc.) — there will be one Gear VR for Galaxy S series, too.

Since the current model of the Gear VR supports only the daddy device of Samsung, rumors has it that a new model is under the plans that will be compatible with Galaxy S6 and its double edged sword variant, Galaxy S Edge.

Gear VR is a virtual reality tech based gadget by Samsung, that gets you 3D experience. Current model requires Note 4 to be inserted into the device, whose processor and display are used by the Gear VR to do get you 3D content right there.

But once you’re hooked to Gear VR, your Note 4 is reduced to a display only, and the powerhouse for Gear VR, but it doesn’t remain what it actually, a phone. No internet, no calls, no messages. We hope Samsung works something out in this regards too, so that you don’t miss out on important calls and remain connected to real world, no matter how immersive you find the 3D world to be.

Via SamMobile

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