Samsung leaks Galaxy S10 design in the latest Android 9 Pie beta

Samsung is expected to officially open the Galaxy Beta program for the S9 and S9+ this week, but it is the Note 9 that has been featuring in the few Android 9 Pie beta leaks we’ve seen from Samsung so far. The latest of the phablet’s Pie beta leaks has some interesting info with regards to the much-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S10.

Apparently, the newly leaked Samsung Android 9 Pie beta has a new night mode feature that can be enabled to help ease the light on your screen for reading stuff at night. In the demo video for this feature, an image of a device with a true edge-to-edge display has been used. Samsung doesn’t have any device in the market with such a design and given the rumors surrounding the design of the S10, there is little doubt that this could be our first official look at the 2018 flagship.


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To add more weight to this argument, this is something that has happened before with previous Samsung OS updates. The Galaxy S7 Nougat beta gave out hints about the S8 and so did the S8’s Oreo update with respect to the S9. Granted, it is possible that what is before our eyes, folks, could be what the S10 will look like.

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