Samsung launches the Smart Home screen app Terrain Home to help you organize your content

Android Operating System is not only popular for its Open source mark, but also it is widely opted for its ability to personalize your Smartphone with the looks that match your personality. Android personalization took a new form with the advent of home screen replacement launchers which replaces the stock launcher capabilities of your device. These launchers provide a wide range of functionality and flexibility to streamline your content in the desired manner.

With the growing popularity of the Home screen apps, many 3rd party developers are opting to design powerful launcher that will provide a greater line of flexibility to the users. And now it looks like Samsung is into this Launcher world aiming to provide simpler and powerful home screen launcher. Samsung launches the Terrain Home app for android, which makes your phone simpler and more streamlined by putting everything you care about in one place.

The Terrain Home function almost as the same way as the Google’s hamburger menus that slide out from the side. Terrain features similar accessing capabilities, by swiping to the left-side of the home screen there appears a fully customizable sidebar that includes a lot of options to choose from. The sidebar is easy to personalize, all you have to do is to just pick the content you want from the Samsung’s free cards library and arrange your cards to your liking.

The Sidebar is one of the major features of the Terrain Home app that brings all your favorite contents at one place. You can get your news feed, Social feed, weather info and much more. The Second feature that Terrain boasts off is their smart search that gives a universal search capability which lets you search contents on your device with just a swipe, which is a cool feature but it needs some getting  used and the opinion varies from user to user.

The new app drawer is designed quite interestingly and you can easily access your favorite app without swiping through your bulky app drawer. Terrain also includes the quick gestures which allows you access side bar by swiping right, swipe up for Search and left for Apps. Terrain also promises of an optimized home screen experience which will not drain the battery on your device, however this is a debatable point.

Download the Terrain app from the download link provided below and enjoy the cool features of the Terrain Home launcher.

The Good:
  • Customizable Side bar
  • Revamped app drawer
  • Quick gestures
The Bad:
  • Nothing in this section yet.

  Download Terrain Home