Samsung to develop its own processor for IoT, Internet of Things

Samsung is planning well for Internet of Things scenario, we knew it by company’s recent acquisitions and planned launches, but the preparations just hit another level today when it came to light they Samsung is planning to even go into CPU cores production of its own for the IoT stuff.

With previous experience from integrating a custom CPU core into the Exynos 8890, which is the processor chip on your Galaxy S7, BTW, Samsung looks to be ready to enter this market.

IoT devices are required to have a highly energy efficient CPU. MCUs or Micro Controllers Units based on such a CPU, focusing on power management, will be seeing its introduction into various wearable devices and other household appliances.

It’s interesting to see Samsung bridge into different market sectors. If the custom CPU core sees a success, Samsung may begin manufacturing of their own fingerprint sensors too.

In other news Samsung, the 2018 Galaxy S9 may feature a next-gen Exynos9 chipset. The rumor leak also mentioned future plans of the Exynos10 SoC. Talking about processors, Qualcomm has also unveiled the Snapdragon 835 and this is what would be featured in next years’ flagship devices, including the Oppo Find 9, Galaxy S8, HTC 11, etc.

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