Samsung “Galaxy Wear” to be the name of Sammy’s Android Wear Smartwatch?

Samsung has its hands into many sections of electronic device manufacturing including Smart Phones, TVs, Laptops, and other consumer electronics. But it looks like the Korean manufacturer is not in mood to restrict the company’s footprint in the consumer market. Samsung eyed on the Wearable devices long ago and released the Gear series watches that are compatible with a few high-end Samsung devices. But the company ditched Google’s Android OS to its own Tizen Operating System, and made it clear that all its wearables run on Tizen OS. But it looks like Samsung has changed its mind as we’re hearing a word on an Android Wear powered smart watch from Samsung.

Google has already started their part in the wearable section with the Google Glass and Google’s smart watch. And Samsung don’t want to lag behind the latest technologies. The word is that Samsung has applied for a trademark on the name Galaxy Wear at the Korean Intellectual Property Office recently. This is a clear indication that the company is in plans to develop smart watches powered by Android Wear.

The Galaxy branding in the trademark clearly signifies that the device runs on Android Operating System as Samsung runs all of its Android devices on the same brand name. The Android Smart watches comes with a lot of features and Google has already driven most of us crazy with its Android Wear developer preview which puts a lot of focus on the advanced notification system and the beauty of Google Now. So it is predictable that Samsung comes with some of these alongside the company’s overlay-ed features.

It’s really epic to watch whether Samsung gives preference to Android Wear leaving back the home grown Tizen OS, at-least for their smart watches.

via SamMobile